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My Teacher is Tops

Sixth grader Autumn Dye says she nominated her favorite teacher at Pulaski County Middle School for always keeping a smile on her face.

"She tells us stories, funny stories. They make us laugh," she says.

After 10 years of teaching, Samantha Arnold says she thinks outside of the box to keep her sixth graders on their toes.

"We play 'Jeopardy!' to study the day before the tests," says Autumn.

And students say playing the game show isn't the only teaching activity.

"We categorize the nouns, we do Pictionary with the nouns," says Ana Kilgore.

Ms. Arnold's class says when they're not on teams, they like to work as partners to help each other learn.

"If we mess up, they'll do our correction for us," says Tiana Singletary.

Ana Kilgore agrees, "It's not just a teacher's point of view, you get to see it from other student's point of view."

And Ms. Arnold says, from her point of view, there's one thing that really keeps her smiling.

"They're excitement. They're excited every day to do Language Arts, and that's hard to do," says Arnold.

She says keeping that excitement every day, isn't always easy.

Ana Kilgore says her teacher always tries to make the class different.

"It's not always just sitting around taking notes," she says.

"She's just the best teacher ever," says Autumn Dye.

If you would like to nominate a top teacher send a one page handwritten letter to:

My Teacher is Tops, 1314 Gray Highway, Macon, GA 31211.

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