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She's bringing the Beauty Out in Others | Arts & Culture

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She's bringing the Beauty Out in Others
She's bringing the Beauty Out in Others

Samantha Fletcher could have been a model if she wanted too. Her features help her carry her age – 31 – which she doesn't look like. Her skin appears to be flawless, her posture is naturally poised ,if you could say that, and her beauty comes from within – just the look that make-up artists would kill to get a hold of.

Or at least Tyra Banks or Heidi Klum would.

But Samantha chose a different path – she chose to bring the beauty out in others. Well, sort of.

A master Cosmetologist at High Maintenance Salon and Spa on Carl Vinson Boulevard in Warner Robins, the Bleckley County High School graduate didn't start out wanting to “do hair. I can remember as a kid wanting … but I was not a good student, and stopped going to college.”

She said, “My mom told me I had to figure out what I was going to do or else.” She remembered how she liked to do hair on her dolls and all when she was a kid.So she entered cosmetology school.

And that was when the star was born so to speak – the star in her eyes as she discovered her passion in helping people bring their beauty out. Eleven years later, that passion has not died either.

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