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Tri-County Citizens Look to Save "Angel" | Best Of

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Tri-County Citizens Look to Save "Angel"
Tri-County Citizens Look to Save "Angel"

It may not be odd to most folks. Stray dogs and cats can be found wandering all over the place in Bleckley, Dodge and Pulaski counties. Animal shelters are full, volunteer shelters are full and there is rarely any room at local animal hospitals/clinics for stray dogs or cats.

In some cases, the most humane answer would be to "put down' a dog or cat who is stray or in bad condition. Advocates and radicals for animals' rights would get very angry at that statement, but it could be true. People drop their unwanted dogs and cats off in the weirdest places too - in empty fields, roped off hunting areas, at the dumpsters, on some off-beaten path or at a vet's office and they never come back. So, why not do what needs to be done, instead of leaving the animal to plunder and wander and suffer on their own. They might get run over or eaten by another animal. The words are blunt and the images are  graphic, but it is what it is.

Then there are those strange animal appearances from out of nowhere, and you want to do everything in your power to help that animal - be it a dog or a cat. You can help it go peacefully or you might give it a little love and attention and give it a second chance at life, a second chance to be someone's loving pet.

Can't say that was what Ashley Yarbrough was thinking when she was driving home to Pulaski County from Dodge County, and she spotted the feeble, white dog on the side of the road, just sitting there. The dog, Ashley, a single mom, said, "was skin and bones. I didn't know what to do. I called my dad and asked him ... I was standing on the edge of the road crying ... it was pitiful."

She got the dog, which was nothing more than skin and bones, into the front of her vehicle, watching it from the corner of her eye. "It looked so weak, but it also had that playful nature that young dogs have ... it wanted so bad to get in the back with my daughter and play with her."

The dog, first called Precious, now named Angel, has been found to be abused - her tongue was cut purposefully, and her weight was wrong. She was, Ashley, and Heather Wilkins say, probably starved to death on purpose.

Where most dogs may have just lay down to die, Ashley said Angel didn't. "It is like she was not going to give up."

And now the two women are looking and searching for help for this stray dog named Angel.

Read more on the story by clicking here. Photos of Angel can be found here, but be cautioned, some might break your heart.

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