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Early morning idea goes viral for Bleckley child | Best Of

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Early morning idea goes viral for Bleckley child
Early morning idea goes viral for Bleckley child
Lauren Coley, 6 and a student at Bleckley Primary School, had an idea that she couldn't wait to tell her mom, Carla about.

So, at 7:30 Thanksgiving morning, Lauren padded into her parents' room, and woke her mom up. Carla said, "She had this idea that she wanted to provde a doll for every girl at Mirembe Street Girls Home in Uganda."

As part of a mission team from their church, First Baptist Church in Cochran, Carla and Chris Coley had taken Lauren, and Lauren's older sisters with them to Uganda during the summer. Lauren's dad is assistant chief of police for the Cochran Police Department.

It was Chris, Carla and Lauren's second trip to the country. "We had spent so much time with the girls there this summer, and bonded with them."

As per Lauren's early morning plea, Carla said, "At 7:30, I said, sure. Let me sleep about 30 more minutes, and we will talk about it. I didn't realize that this was something God had laid on her heart because Uganda is so much a part of  our everyday lives."

But Lauren went straight to work. Within 30 minutes, Carla said, "She had collected 12 dolls and animals, and I bought five more that night."

Carla said, "We then realized there are 20 girls at Mirembe, so I got on Facebook, and requested three more."

She said, "The response was overwhelming."

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