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Earn-Ur-Stripes Visits Dodge Relay For Life | Community Spirit

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Earn-Ur-Stripes Visits Dodge Relay For Life
Earn-Ur-Stripes  Visits Dodge Relay For Life

Earn-Ur-Stripes was proud to be invited to the Relay for Life event in Eastman, GA on 26 April, 2013. EUS is a fun fitness challenge and free activity for all ages sponsored by The Greer Foundation to help promote fitness for kids. The Earn-Ur-Stripes wagon is a 5 x 12 trailer modified by the Dodge County High School Shop Boyz who installed a chin-up bar in the center.

The steel was donated by W.T. Howell & Sons located in Eastman, GA. The trailer is designed to be set-up at fairs, school outings, and ball fields across Georgia inspiring kids to get in shape and knock out a few chin ups. At each outing, Dr. Steve Greer, founder of The Greer Foundation, mounts the bar to set the base-line standard for a free TGF t-shirt and $100 cash prize.

At the start of the Relay for Life, Dr. Greer rep'd 22 perfect chin ups! Each youngster who mounted the bar received a TGF wrist band, TGF tattoo, personal Rep Card, and pin-on US Army stripes. Congrats to Tyler Parker from Dodge County who rep'd 25 perfect chin ups and walked away with 100 bucks!

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