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Local Coach Honored with TARLAVSKY-PRICE YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD | Community Spirit

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The Greer Foundation today announced it has awarded the TARLAVSKY-PRICE YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD, an honor offered in recognition of exceptional service to youth in memory of two fallen warriors, to Jason Griner. Coach Griner, the leader and driving force behind the South Georgia Athletic Club’s wrestling program, has coached and mentored thousands of youth wrestlers spanning more than 10 years.

His incredible dedication to the sport of wrestling, as well his wrestlers, keeps him on the road traveling to tournaments north of Atlanta throughout the winter months. During the summer,

he travels with his wrestlers to national level tournaments as far as Iowa and North Dakota. Jason’s commitment to the sport and his team cannot be overstated. Through his direct efforts, Valdosta has enjoyed several state champions as well as national champions selected for the USA National Junior Freestyle and Greco Roman teams.

Established in 2005, the award is presented to individuals that exemplify the characteristics of two of America's finest young Army officers - Captain Michael Tarlavsky and Chief Warrant Officer Bruce Price.

Answering the nation's call to duty during the Global War on Terrorism, these brave men led their Special Forces A-Detachments with distinction under very difficult circumstances. Both warriors earned the Silver Star Medal for their courage and valor under fire in Iraq and Afghanistan respectively. The Greer Foundation established this award to honor their sacrifice and leadership.

“Although Tarlavsky and Price were truly remarkable leaders, their greatest impact was that both men treated everyone with the utmost dignity and respect. Their persona, professionalism, and positive attitude influenced many. The TARLAVSKY-PRICE YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD recognizes young leaders and organizations who serve children and exhibit loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage,” said Dr. Steven Greer, founder of The Greer Foundation.

“Recipients of the TARLAVSKY-PRICE YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD are role models for all Americans,” Dr. Greer said. “Coach Griner rocks! His leadership and mentorship on and off the mat are shaping the lives of many youth while instilling self-confidence and good sportsmanship.”

For more information about The Greer Foundation email info@greerfoundation.org  or visit their web site at www.greerfoundation.org

The Greer Foundation focuses on promoting the values of America's Soldiers - loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. Each year, the Foundation's programs help inspire hundreds of exceptionally promising individuals to emerge as leaders in America's Armed Forces and other professional disciplines.

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