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Valentine's Day: What Does Love Mean to You? Readers answer | Best Of

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Valentine's Day: What Does Love Mean to You? Readers answer
Valentine's Day: What Does Love Mean to You? Readers answer

February is known as the month of love – mainly because of Valentine's Day, and the week before, the week of and the week after the holiday meant for sharing love, the definition of love was on the minds of many.

Evelyn Polhill said, “Love is about spending time with your family and friends.” The Detroit native came to Hawkinsville for warmer climates and just for the idea of being more with her family, especially her “four babies … they are my heart.”

Cathy Shover, manager of First Franklin in Hawksinville, said, with a reflective though, “You can't define love.”

Danna Y. Matheny said “Love means never having to apologize for who you are.”

Lacie Wood said, “I can't really explain love. It is hard to put into words. I think love is forgiveness, patience, faithfulness, compassion and love is blinding … meaning that nothing else matters.”

Kim Hanna said that love, to her, can be defined as “no strings attached … take me just as I am.”

Kevin Kinnersley said, “Love is completely selfless, compassion, affection and care.”

James Holland, married for almost 59 years, smiled, and said, “My definition of love is what the dictionary says.”

Melissa Proffitt said, “Oh wow … love is unconditional devotion.”

Julie Collins said, “Trust, respect, honesty … And knowing that special person in your life will be by your side through anything, good or bad.”

Marisa Holland said, “To me, love is when you are willing to lay down your life for someone … that's true love … I love chocolate, but I'd gladly give it to anyone who was willing to fight me for it.”

Amanda Murray said, “Love means to me standing beside that one person through good and bad, sickness and health. The one person I think about when talking about love is Jesus … His love is one of a kind and no one will ever love more than him … He gave His life for mine.”

Marian Holland said, "There are all different kinds of love - spiritual love, love for a spouse, love for family, friends ..."

Johnnie Carden said, “The willing sacrificial giving of one's self without thought of return.”

Love can be defined in a hundred ways. Don Francisco said, "Love is not a feeling; it's an act of your will."

And what else can be said?

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