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Middle Georgia Dog Rescue Center More Than it Appears
Middle Georgia Dog Rescue Center More Than it Appears

The Georgia Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation, located on MacThompson Road in Cochran is known for being a non-profit rescue that focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of shelter dogs.

But little do people realize that the GCRR offers more services than that.

Heather Zaresky, 29, who started the rescue and rehab nonprofit after working for years as a technician at a veterinarian's office in Atlanta and later in Cochran, announced this week that the GCRR offers grooming, boarding and a gift shop for canines (and dog lovers) as well.

“We sell everything from gift ideas to foods to flea preventatives. It is like a mini-PetSmart." Zaresky smiled, and added that several people do know about the grooming and boarding and gift shop, but “there are so many who don't realize what we do here.”

Zaresky said, “We can't go pick a stray off the street. There is a procedure to follow. The animal control is the one who needs to be called first, and once they pick the stray off the street, they keep it for a certain period of time, to see if an owner comes to pick the animal up, and if not, we are called in to help if we can, find the animal a home. We are an adoption agency for dogs, basically.” The GCRR does have limited space at the building on MacThompson Road, but Zaresky does have a list of volunteers who will foster dogs until a permanent home can be found. “We may have anywhere from 80 to 150 under our care.”

She said, “We rescue the dogs that we can from kill shelters. Now, we can assist owners who need to place their dogs in another home for various reasons – but again, there is a procedure that must be followed.”

All proceeds from what the GCRR might gain from the gift shop to the grooming and boarding services goes right back into the rescue and rehab services for the canines that Zaresky and her group hope to help. “We are a non-profit, so we rely on whatever help we can receive,” she said.

The GCRR may be located in Bleckley County, but they have rescued dogs from all over, and have been able to adopt dogs out to homes from all over middle Georgia. “Our goal is to help the dogs.”

Zaresky was just 15-years-old when she first started working with animals. “I was a certified dog trainer when I was 18, and a kennel manager when I was 15.”

The GCRR has been in Bleckley County for more than six years.

For grooming, boarding or to visit the gift shop at the GCRR, hours are Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.- noon and 2 p.m. To 5 p.m. The GCRR can be found with adoptable dogs at PetSmart in Warner Robins on Saturdays from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m., as well as Sundays from 1 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Zaresky said, “We are a personal bunch here. Everyone from our staff to our volunteers to those who foster our dogs to our clients, well, we just a big family. We do make appointments. If someone wants to come get their dog groomed but they don't get off of work until 5, I will make adjustments.”

The GCRR, being a non-profit, is always in need of volunteers to help in clean-up, fostering, and repairs, as well as at adoption fairs. Donations of items, like food, bowls, towels, household cleaning supplies, leashes, and more would be appreciated. The GCRR will accept used towels, sheets, pillows, blankets in good condition as well.

To make a grooming or boarding appointment or visit the GCRR gift shop, call (478)271- 4277 or e-mail pittieprotector@yahoo.com. You can also visit the GCRR has a Facebook page.

Pictures of dogs:  The dark Shih Tzu is named Chewy. Chewy is available for adoption at GCRR. Rescued, the dog has received all shots, been fixed and has a loving personality, looking for its forever home.

Rodeo, guessed to be between the ages of 5-8, is a mini pinscher. He is not your typical dog - loving, sweet with a mild personality. Due to his size, it is recommended that he not go to a home with small children. Rodeo has been fixed, received all shots and has been microchipped.

Thunder is a 5-year-old Weimaraner. He weighs about 55 pounds, and needs a home where there are no cats or children. He was rescued and his story is that he was used for years by a breeder and kept in a 10 by 10 pen. He is very obedient, but tends to have a nervous personality, and really needs a home where he can receive attention, hugs and the opportunity to enjoy life. 

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