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Kids Speak: Bleckley 3rd Graders Talk Being Invisible | Best Of

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Kids Speak: Bleckley 3rd Graders Talk Being Invisible
Kids Speak: Bleckley 3rd Graders Talk Being Invisible

It is said, in the entertainment world, that the most challenging work environment involves pets and kids.

But it is a positive challenge – one that most adults should try more often everyday.

Working with kids – talking to kids, or listening to kids.

For when you listen to what kids have to say, there is no telling what you will hear. Sometimes, you might even learn something.

Recently, a group of third grade students at Bleckley County Elementary School were asked the question, “If you were invisible for one day, what would you do and why?”

Nakiah Warner, raising her hand immediately said she could win a game of 'hide-n-seek.' “I could just stand there and no one would find me.”

Caliyah Banks thought for a moment, and said, “I could go to school, no one would see me and I could talk on the intercom.”

Steven Frietz, Jazmin Mullikin, Destinee Johnson, Zahkia Mathis, and Patrick Patterson, all thought it would be fun to be invisible so they could scare someone, like older brothers, aunts, and even grandmas. But not out of meanness, they said.

Jonathan Jones thought he could “hide from his mom,” when it was time to do chores.

Jayda James said she could do something nice for someone without them knowing it was her.

Makayla Churchwell smiled, and she said, “I could sleep as much as I wanted to.”

Young David Smith said with a big grin, “I could eat all the ice cream I wanted.”

And that was straight from the kids' mouths.

Kids Speak is for children in grades PreK through 5th grade, and open to Bleckley, Pulaski and Dodge counties. These stories are being compiled for book publication. If you would like to have your group or class to participate, e-mail rlhg4@bellsouth.net.

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