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Dodge County Sheriff : Every Jail Isn't the Same | Environment

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Dodge County Sheriff : Every Jail Isn't the Same
Dodge County Sheriff : Every Jail Isn't the Same

For more than a decade, some say, there has been tug-of-war competition going on between the governing officials of Dodge County and the sheriff's office.

Some say there hasn't.

A new jail to house the prisoners in Dodge County has been needed for at least 20 or more years, though plans didn't begin to be implemented until two administrations ago leaders say. The old jail, located on the lot of the Dodge County Courthouse directly next to a local daycare center, is feasible, but not for long - with holes in the walls, leaky ceilings and security risks all around.

The new jail was designed and constructed and completed last year. Last June the keys were turned over to the Dodge County Commissioners. Every nook and cranny was supposedly planned for prior to the construction as reported and assumed by different officials involved in the project.

Apparently not – for the Dodge County Jail still sits unopened, because, as stated by the Dodge County Commission Chair Dan McCranie, there is “no money left to open it.”

And the City of Eastman, who had already signed off on the building of the project, is now stating that the county must have a sewage grinder installed before the jail can be opened.

Dodge County Sheriff Jeff Hinson, with documentation from area sheriff's associations behind him, believes that additional personnel will be needed to ensure safety and be able to operate the jail in an efficient manner.

McCranie and some of the commissioners don't agree with Hinson totally on that request. Their reasoning is the technology that was installed at the jail. Some of the commissioners want to go ahead and open the jail.

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