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Hawkinsville to Hold Artifact ID Day

Hawkinsville Artifact I. D. Day

Date:  Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hours:  12:00 noon until 4:00 pm

Location:  Pulaski County Annex Auditorium, 45 N. Lumpkin Street, Hawkinsville, GA 31036

Sponsored by Hawkinsville Better Hometown


Mom Takes Over Daughter's Ancestry Project, Needs Help from Middle Georgia Kin

Mom Takes Over Daughter's Ancestry Project, Needs Help from Middle Georgia Kin

Nine times out of 10, most school projects done by children have had input from parents – nine point five times more input than from the children themselves.

It is natural and expected when the children are in high school and below grades.

But in college?

Bible-Reading Marathon Begins April 27

Bible-Reading Marathon Begins April 27

It has helped put Cochran and Bleckley County on the map - and ironically, it is what most people would call a 'church thing' that has done this. But, really, it is not a "church thing," it is a community thing, sponsored by many, supported by all - it being the ninth annual Bible-Reading Marathon on the steps of the Bleckley County Courthouse.

Recently, the city of Cochran put the Christian flag up in front of its building to suport the event, as the courthouse did in 2005. Mayor Willie Basby said, "We're going to represent God not just on Sundays here."

Jerri Tuck, coordinator of the Bible-Reading Marathon, is excited about the upcoming event. It will be April 27-May 3, and the opening ceremony should start at 6 p.m. on the 27th and end on May 3 - prior to the National Day of Prayer.

For more information, call Jerri Tuck at 230-8316.

(Photo by Jerri Tuck)

Yard Sale Benefiting Mission Trip Postponed

Due to a threat of rain on Saturday, a yard sale benefitting an upcoming mission trip to Uganda has been postponed. 

The yard sale will be held at 172 South Second Street in Cochran March 9 and 10. 

Hours are 8 am to 5 pm on Friday, 8 am to noon on Saturday.  Members of First Baptist Church will be working with Sonrise Baby Home and other ministries in Jinja when they visit June 23-July 3.

Dog Stories Wanted

Dog Stories Wanted

Dogs are everywhere, and at one time or another, most people have had a dog in their lives or still do. A book is being compiled of dog stories, Becky Holland, retired Georgia newspaper journalist/freelance writer/blogger, is hoping to collect dog stories from all over the middle Georgia area.

Holland is a native of Bleckley County, and once was the sports and features editor of the Cochran Journal, and most recently served as the news editor of the Americus Times-Recorder and the lifestyle editor of the LaGrange Daily News. She currently writes for Examiner.Com, Kirkus Indie and a variety of other online and print publications.

Share your dog story by finishing the following sentence: "My dog has made/makes a difference in my life by ..." in 300 to 500 words, sharing real life experiences or memories. Be sure to include your dog's name, age, gender, breed, your name, age, location and how you got your dog. 

Stella Needs a Home

Stella Needs a Home

Georgia Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation, a non-profit rescue that focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of shelter dogs, has several dogs that are ready for adoption and are looking for homes. 

Stella is a very quiet Bichon Frise who needs a loving home. Stella, like all the dogs at GCRR, has been full 'vetted,' which means shots, microchipped and fixed. She came from an out of state shelter, and has a cataract in her right eye. A sweet personality, Stella may take a bit to warm up to her new owners, but once she does, it is certain that she will become a forever companion.

She is five years old and likes the quiet life.

Call the Georgia Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation in Cochran.  Call (478)271-4277 and/or email pittieprotector@yahoo.com.


Soldier Runs for The Greer Foundation

Soldier Runs for The Greer Foundation

The Greer Foundation today announced that Sergeant Rolando Martin, a U.S. Army Reserve soldier, has completed his mission to finish one of the toughest foot races in sports.

Martin, 40, is an ultra-endurance athlete from Miami, Florida who trained for six months to run the World's Longest Beach Run - the Destin 50 Beach Ultra on February 19, 2012. He placed 7th this year in what many say were unbearable wind, sand, and freezing temperatures forcing many seasoned endurance runners out of the race.
No stranger to the Destin 50 Beach Ultra, Martin placed 12th last year helping raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. This year, he ran to help support the mission of The Greer Foundation and inspire others to climb to glory.