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Local Father-Son Join Friend in Business
Local Father-Son Join Friend in Business

By Becky Holland, Managing Editor, Madisonville Meteor, Madisonville, Texas Special for the Tri-County Monitor and Eastman Examiner

Eric Osborne and his high school classmate, Doug Rogers have enjoyed hunting and the outdoors for a long time, and that passion has been something that Osborne has passed down to his son, Kyle.

In their years, the three men, all from Bleckley County, have tried out many a turkey calls. And recently, decided to try their hands at making some calls.

According to Eric, “We got started making calls at the first of the year for turkey hunting, because we wanted to make something different, and not out of plastic-like most calls we would buy at a retail store, like at Walmart.”

He said, “Those calls are production-machine made, and not very good quality. We get a lot of enjoyment spending time with our family and friends in the outdoors, and making a call from a tree, and calling in a ‘tom’ with it, doesn’t get any better.”

Eric continued, “It took us almost until the end of turkey season to figure out our box calls, pot calls and strikers. Everything makes a difference in the sound – from the type of wood, the thickness of the wood and even the type of finish we put on a call.”

Kyle, at age 19, Eric said, “does most all of the lathe work, the actual turning of the wood, and applies the finish.He become somewhat of a perfectionist on the lathe. Doug usually comes up with most of the ideas for the calls.”

He continued, “He has really been a lot of help in teaching Kyle to have the confidence and patience it takes to make a perfect call.”

Eric said, “We are making deer grunt calls now, and so far, they have turned out great. We handpick the tree, process the wood, dry it and then turn it into a work of art.”

They call the business, “Knock Out Custom Calls.” They can be found on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/KnockOutCustomCalls.

Eric added, “Most of all the calls are listed. We can personalize your grunt call with name or initials and add photos to a turkey pot call.”

For more information e-mail kyle@knockoutcalls.com or eric@knockoutcalls.com.

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