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Bleckley County dog is not typical | Families

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Bleckley County dog is not typical
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Bleckley County dog is not typical

Roger Caras once said, “Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.”

And there is a family in Bleckley County who would agree, and after you hear the story of their canine, you will agree too.

Buddy weighs less than 10 pounds, but more than five. His coat is white and curly – almost reminiscent of the afro style made popular by the Jackson 5 in the 1970s.

And the Bichon Frise – a fancy term for a version of a poodle is a life-saving dog – hence the reason for this tribute.

His story began on April 1, 2008. Though his life really began in September 2009.

Rescued by an Americus woman when he was just a few months old, Buddy, it was discovered had a collapsed trachea and his back leg has a deformity. The woman, who worked for a local animal hospital, did her best with Buddy until the fall of 2009, when he was adopted by a local newspaper writer.

At first, it took some time for Buddy to feel comfortable in his new home and with his new owner. It is a personality trait that still holds true today. Kim Hanna, who recently 'met' Buddy, said, “It takes a little bit for him to warm up to you, but when he does, he is a total lap dog.”

He does dog things – scratches, sniffs, plays with his toys, sleeps, eats and drinks. He loves to walk on his leash with his owner and her mom, and especially loves chasing after leaves and barking at the wooden horse cut outs on the neighbor's fence. He loves to run and play, and when he wants attention, he will paw a person for it. He enjoys eating dog food and most human bites, especially peanut butter, and a few Smarties.

Buddy appears to be a typical dog. He barks like a big dog when cars or trucks ride by, and when a stranger comes close - he is all about barking 'stranger danger.'

Buddy's owner's mother, Gerry Holland, said, “Buddy is a buddy.” He has been known to 'smile' at times. So, what makes him not typical and worth of this tribute?

A few years ago, while walking around in their backyard, Buddy started barking like crazy. His owner thought Buddy was ready to go in, so she stepped back onto the pathway, and as they started walking back to the house, a long snake was spotted curled up in the grassy spot.

Months before that, a man had been robbed on the street where Buddy and his owner lived. In fact, the robber was running down the street, with a gun. Buddy's owner was about to go outside, and the dog grabbed his leash and started dragging it to the back door.  His owner took Buddy out the backdoor. During this time, the robber had run by the front of the house and was long gone away from the house.

Recently, a big brown spider started crawling across the floor, and Buddy started barking and growling. His owner turned around and saw the ugly spider, as it was just a few inches from crawling on her shoe.

There are other Buddy stories – like his visits to see school kids and senior citizens who marveled at the little dog with the gimp in his leg, his travels all over the state of Georgia, his Facebook fans and much more.

Did Buddy really know those things were going to happen? Or was he just being a dog?

No one will ever know.

And Buddy is certainly not talking.

Do you have a favorite pet story? E-mail rlhg4@bellsouth.net, and your pet's story might be shared here.

Families, People, Pets

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