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American Cancer Society Asking Central Georgians Help | Health

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American Cancer Society Asking Central Georgians Help

For the third time in four years, the American Cancer Society is asking central georgians for their help.

It's called the Cancer Prevention Study-3. It's research that will help scientists better understand how genetics, lifestyle and the environment affect cancer. They are looking for at least 250 volunteers to enroll for the November Houston County event.

You'll have to answer a survey, allow a waist measurement, give a small amount of blood and sign a consent form.

Six years ago Heather Griffin's mother was diagnosed with cancer.

"I thank the lord that she found it early and she is doing great. But every female that's passed away on my mothers side of the family has died from some form of cancer," said Griffin.

That's why the study is so close to her heart, so much so that she participated in it. "I don't want to have another person hear the words you have cancer," she said.

Studies like this have been conducted since the 1950s and they've helped to shed light on cancer.

Nancy White, director of oncology at the Medical Center of Central Georgia, has also been a part of the study.

"That day I showed up and signed in and there was a little bit more paper work, a consent that you consent to do this and they took a waist measurement, a circumference and they did a blood draw and that was that," said White.

If you're interested in participating in the November study, you can visit  http://www.seeuthere.com/cps3enroll/houstonga


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