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Vote: Your Farmers Market as America's Favorite

Make sure to vote in America’s Favorite Farmers Markets contest and let the world know why you love your local market. 

1. Once you click the link, search for your town or zip code in the box. 

2. When you see your farmers market, click on the farmers market name.

3. Submit the information, with a short description of why your farmers market is great to finish your vote!

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Cochran Community Garden

The Cochran Community Garden will have a groundbreaking ceremony.

The event will be held Thursday May 26 at 6 p.m. at the County Extension Office.

The County Extension Office is located next to the Bleckley Memorial Hospital and behind the Bleckley County Headstart school on 165 Peacock St.


Are you hearing the Cicadas?

Are you hearing the Cicadas?

Many viewers are telling us that they're hearing the cicadas.

Have you seen any of these noise-making culprits? Some viewers are telling us they are louder this week than they were when they first emerged.

Send us your photos or video to whereyoulive@13wmaz.com.