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Church Group Wraps Up Search for Jmaal Keyes | News

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Church Group Wraps Up Search for Jmaal Keyes

An Atlanta-area church group has wrapped up their day's search for a Middle Georgia State College student who apparently went missing from the Cochran campus.

Today, about 20 members of Jmaal Keyes' home church family arrived from Atlanta to help search for the 19-year-old.

"This is the first time he's never not contacted anybody this amount of time so we're all just very concerned at this point," says sister Jalisa Keyes.

They searched the 75-acre campus, handing out flyers in nearby neighborhoods and asking people if they've seen him.

"We couldn't do this alone and it would be a lot for us so i'm really happy that people are coming together to support us in this," says Keyes.

The group wrapped up their search around 2:30 p.m. Pastor Wilber Purvis says they'll talk with law enforcement and decide whether to come back.

"We just wanted to come along and work along side those individuals and assist and have extra boots on the ground," says Purvis.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is working with the Middle Georgia State College Police Department to find Keyes, who was last seen Thursday, April 25, according to a release.

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Officials have searched undeveloped areas of the campus and nearby neighborhoods.

"Sometimes during finals, we find that people tend to stay with friends and family members while they're studying," says MGSC police chief Shawn Douglas. "We hope that's the case in this situation. But as I said earlier, we will continue to follow all leads."

They've interviewed Keyes' friends and classmates for possible information to no avail.

Keyes was last seen wearing a yellow and white shirt, black pants, white shoes with black stripes. He's described as 5-foot-6 and between 220-240 lbs.

"We love him and we just want him to come home. Whatever he did, we forgive him. We just want him to come home," says Keyes.



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