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13 Things You Didn't Know about Central Georgia | News

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13 Things You Didn't Know about Central Georgia

Do you know which central Georgia city plan was inspired by ancient Babylon's or how Fort Valley got its name?

Here are a few little known secrets that have shaped the heartland as we know it.

1. Central Georgia used to be beachfront property. During the cretaceous period the shore of the Atlantic Ocean came all the way up to the fall line that connects the rolling hills of the Piedmont and the Atlantic coastal plain. Macon sits on that fall line, which can be observed in the geographical differences on north and south Bibb County.

2. John Pemberton, the inventor of Coca-Cola, was born was born in Knoxville, Crawford County on July 8, 1831. Pemberton was a Confederate veteran and a pharmacist.

3. Macon is the home to the first college ever chartered to grant degrees to women. Wesleyan College, originally known as Georgia Female College, was founded in 1836 and was a crucial part of the buildup of the women's rights movement.

4. The city of Oglethorpe was once one of the largest in Georgia, having a population of around 20,000 in the late 1850's. In the early 1860's a malaria and smallpox epidemic wiped out most of the city's population, causing the remaining residents to flee south to Americus.

5. The Museum of Aviation is the second largest aviation museum in the United States Air Force. Located in Warner Robins, the museum has five buildings, displays 93 aircrafts, and is built on 51 acres.

6. Macon's city planners were inspired by the layout of the ancient city of Babylon. The planned city was meant to mimic Babylon by having a multitude of parks and spacious avenues.

7. Peach County was the last county created by the state of Georgia. Chartered on July 8, 1924, the new county was formed by lands from Houston and Macon counties and was named after Georgia's most famous crop.

8. Fort Valley's name is somewhat curious, seeing as that the town has never had a fort. The town was originally settled as "Fox Valley" by James Everett but was given its current name when a legislative clerk accidentally wrote "Fort" instead of "Fox."

9. Stuckey's was founded in Eastman in the early 1930s when William Stuckey had a successful pecan harvest and decided to sale his excess pecans out of a "lean-to" roadside shed. The roadside convenience store currently has over 200 franchise stores in 19 states.

10. Cochran was originally known as Dykesboro ...because it was settled by B.B. Dykes. The earliest settlers of modern-day Cochran moved there to participate in the turpentine industry

11. Macon served as an official arsenal of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. This fact makes one curious as to why General William Sherman of the Union spared Macon on his march to the sea.

12. Dublin was one of Confederate President Jefferson Davis' encampments with his family stayed being captured by Union forces in May of 1865.

13. Andersonville was home to the largest prisoner-of-war camp used by the Confederacy. Located in Macon County, the prison camp was open for 14 months and more than 45,000 Union soldiers were kept here.


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