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Peanut Farm Goes Sriracha | News

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Peanut Farm Goes Sriracha

Southerners love their boiled peanuts, typically with a little salt on the skins.

But soaked in Sriracha, a hot sauce from Thailand?

That's the new idea cooked up by the boys at Hardy Farms in Hawkinsville.

Their Sriracha rub for peanuts recently won first place in it's category, at the statewide Flavor of Georgia contest. It's hosted by the University of Georgia.

Robert Fisher does the marketing for Hardy Farms. He actually made the Sriracha rub at home, and brought the concept to the Hardy's.

Fisher said, "When they tried it, you get that head nod. That's all you're looking for. You don't want any verbal response. If you get one of these (nods head), you're good."

The Sriracha rub will be in grocery stores and at Hardy peanut stands this summer. It will be sold in packets that you pour on a bag of peanuts and mix up.

Brad Hardy said, "I'm traditional. I love the plain, salted boiled peanuts, but I'm going to tell you, when we came up with this new flavor, I'm a convert. I love our spicy flavor."

The spice packs will cost about a dollar.

Ken Hardy says they hope the new flavor will expand their products reach outside of the south. He called it a "typically Southern snack."

He said the popularity of Sriracha across the country could bring their peanuts to new palettes.

Hardy Farms will also start offering a BBQ rub and a zesty lemon-lime rub.


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