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Family's Plea For Justice for Abel | News

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Family's Plea For Justice for Abel


Melissa and Kelly Sikes thought it was a normal Mother's Day until they walked outside.

"We came out to check on Abel and he was missing but what we saw next was pretty devastating,"says Melissa Sikes.

A pool of blood, a trail where something was dragged, and one of their beloved dogs, gone.

Abel, their full-blooded blue pit bull had been wounded and taken.

Deputies believe there is a bullet indentation on Abel's water bowl, according to Melissa Sikes.

The Bleckley County Sheriff's office told us they're investigating, meanwhile the Sikes continue to search.

"I wish we knew where Abel's body was so we could give him a proper burial that we would like to know more than anything. We have searched. I just wish this person would come forward." said Melissa Sikes.

Kelly and Melissa have placed these signs all around town and also created a Facebook page.

"Some people have stopped on the side of the road and asked me what it was all about and I would tell them the story about whats happened and nine times out of ten they turned around and bought a sign then."

"They're showing their support for a dog that half of them didn't even know or never even seen the dog. It's just the fact that they have dogs and they feel the same way I do about it," says Kelly Sikes.

And in a small way that support gives them a little Justice for Abel.


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