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Junior Journalists: Lil' Hoofs mini horse farm | News

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Junior Journalists: Lil' Hoofs mini horse farm

The Lil' Hoofs minature horse farm may have small horses, but they certainly have a lot to offer.

"I have 30 and under paint minis, and paint means they're not a solid colors," said Carolyn Martin, who owns the farm.

Martin has six mini horses, and six big ones. She says the mini horses are near to her heart.

"I come and I sit and I talk to these guys like they understand every word I'm talking," said Martin, "All they want is love and kisses and by the time they're done loving and kissing, I'm ready to go and do something in the house,"

Martin loves when people come to visit her horses and she says they can come for free.

"Anyone that wants to come see the horses they can come see the horses, stay as long as they want, play with them, feed them, brush them," she said.

When the foals are born, they go through a process called imprinting.

After it has bonded with the mother for an hour, the foal is held by Martin.

"I'll sit down and start rubbing my hands so they can smell human hands," she said.

Mrs. Martin says it is important so that they can be people-friendly, which is good news to people who come to visit.

Caroyln Martin says the best time to come and visit is on the weekends.

The farm is located at 150 Berryhill-Coody Road in Cochran. The number is 478-934-2120.

Ms. Martin says while it is fine to play and pet the horses, riding is not allowed.


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