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Cochran department store heavily damaged by fire | News

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Cochran department store heavily damaged by fire

Investigators are trying to determine what caused a fire Thursday night at Lyles department store in downtown Cochran.

The decades-old family-owned business is located at 208 N. Second Street.

The fire was reported at about 10 p.m. when a passerby noticed smoked billowing out of the building, fire officials said. It took about two hours to extinguish the fire.

No one was in the store during the blaze and there were no injuries.

Firefighters had to cut a hole in the roof to ventilate the building. The store received heavy smoke, water and fire damage.


13 WMAZ spoke to those who frequent the store and know the family that owns it.

Derick Edge, who grew up shopping there, says the Lyles are the people small towns are made of.

"They're really laid back. You go in there they'll treat you like you're family. Hey, how are you doing? How have you been? You're day going good today? Stuff like that," Edge says.

Like many of the stores that line Second Street, Lyles department store has been a Cochran fixture for decades.

"Ever since I was a little boy that's where we always went. We go to get our shoes there, prom stuff anything like that. Lyles has been there ever since I was born and since my grandma's been there too. It's been there a good long time," Cochran resident Derick Edge said.

But Cochran's Fire Department says the stores age may be one of the reason's why the store's storage area went up so quickly.

This type of building with the older construction, the older wood floor joist and if you get some hidden fire in there it can take out whole block.

But damage that happened Thursday isn't so obvious.

Walking past Lyles in downtown Cochran you'd never have any idea a fire happened there Thursday night, but a quick look at their storage unit next door tells a completely different story.

"When our first arriving city units got here they found a significant amount of smoke coming from the roof and venting from the top," Cochran firefighter David Sumner said.

The damage that smoke left behind is why the Lyles will need all the help they can get rebuilding and Edge says that's exactly what Cochran will do.

"Seeing as it's a small town, people are going to care about it. It's a small town. We take care of our own so we love doing stuff like that and we'll make sure everything get's taken care of for them," Edge said. "Everybody loves Lyles."


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