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Dodge judge won't perform weddings, to protest same-sex ruling | News

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Dodge judge won't perform weddings, to protest same-sex ruling

A Dodge County magistrate judge says he's through performing weddings, because he disagrees with the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage.

A viewer sent 13WMAZ a video this week showing Judge Lonnie T. Parkerson performing a wedding this week.

ID=29967787In the video, Parkerson tells the couple that theirs is the last wedding he'll ever perform.

On Friday, he confirmed that to 13WMAZ's Justin McDuffie. He made a statement about his decision but declined to answer questions on camera.

He said that, because he believes the Bible prohibits same-sex marriage, he can't take part in one.

Parkerson told the couple that two women recently came to the courthouse for a wedding and he declined to perform the service. He told the pair he was no longer performing marriages.

ID=29966989"I just can't do it the other way, y'all," Parkerson tells the last couple he married in the video. "It ain't right ... the Bible tells you what a marriage is."

Commenting on the Supreme Court decision, he said it's wrong that "five men" can make such a major decision. He called that "dictatorship."

Parkerson said he's a banker by profession and in his third term as magistrate.

He said he enjoys performing weddings and often sits down with couples to counsel them on credit cards, bank accounts and other matters.

The judge said he performed the wedding this week only because the couple scheduled it before the Supreme Court ruling and he was unable to cancel it.

Full Statement from Chief Magistrate Lonnie T. Parkerson: I've been approached about a wedding I performed yesterday and about two weeks ago I had some people come in the office and asked me to do a wedding and I'm not doing weddings any more since the supreme court passed the law that they did I'm not marrying anybody but I did this wedding yesterday cause it has been scheduled for about two weeks before the supreme court came out with their decision and that's the reason the wedding was done yesterday and I even told the people in the courtroom where I married them that that would be the last wedding and the only reason that that was done was because it was already scheduled before hand And that's the reason it was done and no other reason there wont be any more done by this office and by me or any of my personnel (Justin: Is there any law requiring you to) Parkerson: There is no law I checked it out. It is not required. Its not one of the requirements of the magistrate court to marry. So therefore I choose not to marry anybody else.

Chief Magistrate Lonnie T. Parkerson during last wedding ceremony: I want ya'll to know you're the last wedding that I'm ever gonna do. They were already scheduled so I'll do them too. I just can't do it the other way, y'all, it ain't right. The Bible explains it just like that (snaps) What marriage is. That is a marriage right there (points to couple getting married). What came in my office the other day was two ladies, it's not a marriage.

Apparently, he is not the only Central Georgia judge who's given up weddings.

Johnson County Probate Judge Mary Jo Buxton told the Dublin Courier Herald last week that she wouldn't perform any more weddings, also due to the same-sex marriage ruling.

Buxton did not return several phone calls, and a clerk in her office referred questions to the judge.


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