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Teacher in Bleckley County Wins My Teacher is Tops | News

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Teacher in Bleckley County Wins My Teacher is Tops

This week's My Teacher is Tops report takes us to Cochran where one forth grade teacher at Bleckley County Elementary school keeps her students learning by turning her Social Studies classroom into a game show.

"This is the best thing that I have ever had. Good gracious." says Bleckley County Elementary school teacher, Julie Pittman.

Forth grader, Haven Heath, wrote us a letter nominating her favorite teacher, Mrs. Julie Pittman.

Mrs. Pittman has been teaching for nine years but says that's not the path she first chose.  She went to college to become a counselor. "It didn't take me long to realize that it was easier to build a child than change an adult, so this is my way of trying to change the world by shaping these little minds and personalities." says Pittman.

She says every child is different and she tries to"zero in on what makes that child so special and try to highlight that each and every day."

Her students say her teaching style is unique.

"She helps us learn Social Studies in a whole different way than I used to," says Haven

Abby Mcclure says, "It's learning, but it's really fun learning."

Mrs. Pittman's students say she transforms the classroom into a game called Egg-sperts.

Haven describes the game, "She'd ask a question off the test, and if you pressed your egg first then, you got to answer the question."

Malachi Randall says, "I look forward to her teaching us in a fun way, so we can learn it better."

"I hope they like it. I don't want them to come in and say 'Uh, I'm going into social studies,' I want them to enjoy it," says Pittman.

Haven says their hour-long class goes by fast because they're having so much fun.

Pittman says she hopes her students take a little bit of Social Studies and also remember that she loves each one of them when they advance to the fifth grade. 

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