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Ga. Primary Voting Under Way | News

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Ga. Primary Voting Under Way

Central Georgians are heading to the polls today to vote on local and state races, ballot questions and regional transportation SPLOSTS.

Polls opened at 7 a.m. today and remain open until 7 p.m.

In Bibb County, the big question is whether voters agree to merge the governments of city of Macon and the county. Opponents and proponents both continued campaigning vigorously Monday and Tuesday.

Bibb voters will also choose candidates for sheriff, county commission and water authority.

People in Houston County will vote on a three-way race for a countywide school board seat.

And there are seven primary races for state House or Senate seats.

They include Senate 18, where Macon Republican Cecil Staton faces a challenge from Spencer Price, a doctor from Thomaston. In Senate 26, first-term incumbent Miriam Paris, a Democrat, is being challenged by longtime former state representative David Lucas and political newcomer Irving Martinez.

And three people are running for the Democratic nomination for House seat 139: Patty Bentley, Thomas Coogle and Michael Dinkins. Incumbent Lynmore James is retiring and there is no Republican running. The district includes Taylor, Macon and Dooly and part of Peach County.

These are the races and questions being voted on today in Central Georgia:

Macon-Bibb Consolidation, City-County Merger,
Bibb County, District 3, Republicans,

Bibb County Sheriff, Democrats,

Macon Water, District 2, Democrats,

Houston Board of Education, Post 7,
Houston Solicitor General, Non-partisan,
Houston, Liquor by the Drink, Sunday Sales,

Houston Package Sales, Sunday Alcohol,

2nd Congressional District, Republicans,
10th Congressional District, Republicans,

12th Congressional District, Republicans,

Middle Georgia T-SPLOST, Regional Transportation ,
Central Savannah T-SPLOST, Regional Transportation ,
Heart of Georgia T-SPLOST, Regional Transportation ,

River Valley T-SPLOST, Regional Transportation ,

Senate District 18, Republicans,
Senate District 25, Republicans,
Senate District 26, Democrats,
Senate District 15, Democrats,
House District 139, Democrats,
House District 142, Democrats,

House District 149, Republicans,

Public Service, District 3, Republicans,

Public Service Commission, District 5, Republicans,
Dublin Circuit Judge, Non-Partisan,
Houston Circuit Judge, Non-Partisan,

Chattahoochee Circuit Judge, Nonpartisan,

Baldwin Board of Education, District 2,
Baldwin Commission, District 2, Democrats,

Baldwin Commission, District 5, Republicans,

Bleckley Tax Commissioner, Republicans,

Crawford Board of Education, District 2,

Crawford BOE, District 3,
Crawford Commission District 2, Democrats,

Crawford Commission, District 4, Republican,
Dodge BOE, District 2,
Dodge Commission, District 1, Democrats,

Dooly County Court Clerk, Democrats,

Hancock Commission, District 1,
Hancock Commission, District 4,
Hancock Commission,, District 3,
Hancock County Chairman, Democrats,

Hancock Court Clerk, Democrats,

Johnson Commission, District 2, Democrats,
Johnson Commission, District 3, Democrats,
Johnson Commission, District 4, Democrats,
Johnson County Coroner, Democrats,
Johnson County Sheriff, Democrats,

Johnson Tax Commissioner, Democrats,

Jones Commission, District 2, Democrats,

Laurens BOE, District 2,
Laurens BOE, District 3,
Laurens BOE, District 5,
Laurens Commission District 3, Republicans,
Laurens Commission, District 2, Democrats,

Laurens Commission, District 2, Republicans,

Macon County Probate Judge, Democrats,
Macon Commission, District 2, Democrats,
Macon Commission, District 4, Democrats,
Macon County Coroner, Democratic,

Macon County Sheriff, Democratic,

Monroe County Court Chief Magistrate , Republicans,

Peach Commission, Post 3, Democrats,

Peach County Sunday Sales, Alcohol Referendum,

Pulaski Sole Commissioner, Republicans,

Putnam BOE, District 5, Republicans,

Putnam Commission, District 4, Republicans,

Taylor Commission, District 1, Democrats,

Taylor Commission, District 4, Democrats,

Telfair Commission, District 2, Lumber City,
Telfair Commission, District 3, Jacksonville,
Telfair Commission, District 4, Milan,
Telfair Coroner, Democrats,
Telfair Magistrate, Democrats,
Telfair Sheriff, Democrats,
Telfair Superior Court Clerk, Democrats,

Telfair Tax Commissioner, Democrats,

Treutlen Commission, District 1, Democrats,

Treutlen Commission, District 4, Democrats,

Treutlen Commission, District 5, Democrats,
Treutlen Sheriff, Democrats,

Treutlen Tax Commission, Democrats,

Twiggs BOE, District 4, Democrats,
Twiggs Commission, District 1, Democrats,
Twiggs County Chairman, Democrats,

Twiggs County Chairman, Republican,

Twiggs County Sheriff, Democrats,

Jeffersonville Pkg. Stores, Sunday Sales,

Washington Chief Magistrate, Democrats,
Washington County Coroner, Democrats,
Washington Probate Judge, Democrats,
Washington Sheriff, Democrats,

Washington County State Court Judge , Nonpartisan,

Davisboro Mayor, Washington County Special Election,

Wheeler BOE, District 4, Democrats,
Wheeler Commission, District 3, Democrats,
Wheeler County Sheriff, Democrats,
Wheeler Probate Judge, Democrats,

Wheeler Tax Commissioner, Democrats,

Wilcox Sheriff, Democrats,

Wilcox Sheriff, Republicans,

Wilkinson Tax Commissioner, Democrats,

There are also nonbinding questions on the ballot - four for Democrats, five for Republican

For Republicans:
Should the state allow casino gambling, to fund education?
Should lobbyists' gifts to legislators be limited to $100?
Should active-duty military personnel under the age of 21 be allowed to get weapons licenses?
Should voters be required to register by party at least 30 days before voting in a party primary?
Should the right to life be defined as beginning at conception?

For Democrats:
Should the state have the power to overrule local board of education decisions on creating charter schools.
Should lobbyists' gifts to legislators be limited to $100?
Should people receive tax credits for buying home energy-saving devices?
Should the sales tax be reduced for Georgia-made products?


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