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Bleckley Co. Deputy Shoots, Kills Suspect | News

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Bleckley Co. Deputy Shoots, Kills Suspect

A Cochran man was tased and shot to death by a Bleckley County Sheriff's deputy Friday night when two deputies tried to arrest the man for theft charges.

It started out as a simple arrest for theft.

"It was a softball, baseball bat and some other athletic equipment," says Sheriff Harold Lancaster.

But turned deadly when a deputy shot Rasheen Wright of Cochran. His brother, George Wright, was with him that night.

"As the police came up, I was telling him to give the bat back because like...it ain't worth it about a bat," says Wright.

Lancaster says one deputy was trying to handcuff the 31-year-old when he started to struggle. Then a second deputy tased Wright. 

That's where the stories start to differ.

The Bleckley Sheriff's Office says once the taser discharge expired, Wright pulled and pointed his gun on the deputy who had tased him. 

"The suspect came out of his waist band with a pistol, pointed it at deputy who tased him and the second deputy had to use lethal force," says Lancaster.

"It wasn't fair, I don't think. They said he had a gun, but I didn't see all of that. He didn't tell me about it or nothing," says Wright.

Wright was taken to Medical Center of Central Georgia, where he later died of a single gunshot wound, police said.

According to the news release, both officers are veterans of Bleckley County Sheriff's Office and they have been placed on administrative leave. 

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations is looking into the shooting, but Lancaster stands behind his deputies.

Lancaster says there was a gun present. "There was a definite threat." 

Though Wright says he never saw his brother with a gun that night. 


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