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Jimmy Pruett Commends Bleckley Sheriff, Schools | News

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Jimmy Pruett Commends Bleckley Sheriff, Schools
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Jimmy Pruett Commends Bleckley Sheriff, Schools

Around 2 p.m. Tuesday, September 18, a driver on Ga 126 saw an individual walking within a mile radius of one of the Bleckley County schools, with what appeared to be a gun, and notified the schools and local law enforcement agencies. Immediately the Bleckley County Sheriff's Office under direction of Bleckley County Sheriff Harold Lancaster went into action with assistance from the Georgia State Patrol and other community law officials.

No real threat was discovered, but the area was secured by law enforcement, and Dr. Charlotte Pipkin, School Superintendent for the Bleckley County School System, and her staff, put the schools on lock-down until dismissal time as a safety precaution.

State Representative Jimmy Pruett, Eastman, R-144, commended Dr. Pipkin, Sheriff Lancaster, his department and the other law officials involved, for their response time and “going above and beyond the call of their responsibilities to protect and serve the community, but most importantly our children.”

Pruett echoed out loud the thoughts of many in the community when he said, “There were some extraordinary measures taken to ensure that all was secure and that there was not a threat. With the most recent events in the national news, like the shooting in Aurora, Colorado two months ago, it is better to be safe than sorry.”

According to a statement from Lancaster to area media, the individual who had been seen walking was found, and no gun was discovered. “He had just been out taking a walk.”

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