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Jimmy Joines
The Eastman Examiner

Hi, I am Jimmy Joines. Most everyone in Eastman and McRae probably knows me as a local Police Officer but I gave that up about three years ago. I spent somewhere around 23 years in Law Enforcement. The first 13 years were moving around a bit and include the McRae, Alamo, Lumber City, and Milan Police Departments. The last 10 years was with the Eastman Police Department and the last 5 of those years as the Departments Criminal Investigator.

Since leaving Law Enforcement, I went into commercial truck driving. That went really well until I injured my back in late 2012 and am still recovering from that injury. What I have found in the meantime to keep me occupied is to Blog and share with my friends. So I hope you all enjoy my contributions and feel free to contact me at


Jimmy Joines